Granite Tile Countertop – A Great Alternative to Slabs

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Granite tile countertops are an incredible addition to any home. Available in a wide array of colours, patterns and textures and easy to keep clean, natural stone countertops are an amazingly popular choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. The tiles can also be mixed and matched to create a truly unique piece that showcases your personality and beautifies the home in ways that other materials can't match. While granite tiles are substantially cheaper than their slab counterparts, they retain all of the qualities that make natural stone slab countertops so popular. Explore all of the options open to you when looking to rejuvenate your home.
The availability of granite tiles in so many distinct colours and patterns gives you literally countless options. With no two pieces of granite being the same, you can truly have a unique and personal countertop that reflects who you are and that will fit perfectly into your design plan. For even more options, backsplashes or center pieces can be made with broken tiles to create beautiful and intricate mosaic designs fit to grace the cover of any interior design magazine. Mix and match your tiles or create a more uniform look that is as durable as it is beautiful.
Natural stone products such as granite tiles are amazingly resilient. They are ideally suited to kitchen and bathroom uses and will retain their initial luster for decades. When combined with the ease of maintenance, it's hard to find another material that matches granite tiles. Able to withstand high temperatures and resistant to scratches and scuffs, there simply isn't a better long-lasting and luxurious choice. Granite tiles also make a great choice for home use as they are a cheaper alternative to natural stone slabs, but manage to preserve the sophisticated look so frequently associated with their more expensive cousins.
Kitchen and Bathroom
Kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms with the highest likelihood of contact with water, humidity and moisture. When sealed properly, natural stone tiles are all but impervious to damage in these conditions, unlike some of the other choices available for countertops. Composite materials for example have been known to absorb moisture which can create bubbling or a weakening of the materials structural integrity that will quickly lead to the need for a replacement countertop. Granite tiles can also be used to create beautiful matching floors and even shower enclosures that can be not only stunning and attractive, but also functional due to natural stone's hypoallergenic properties.
For your next home remodel or rejuvenation project, consider the use of granite tiles as a way to beautify your home and add the sophistication of slabs in a cheaper form factor that allows for more creativity and uniqueness. Don't settle for anything less than your dream countertops and floors. Contact only the most reputable and dependable natural stone suppliers today to find out how granite tiles can be used in your home and get your project off to an excellent and luxurious start.